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Crocs (To wear while your boots are drying and for crossing creeks, so your boots don't get wet) www.crocs.com
1 Internal Framed Back Pack (approx. 4500 - 5500cubic inch) Mountain Hardware, Low Alpine or Gregory
1 Small Day Pack (for horse hunts (day trips) or to leave a clean change of clothes in at base camp while you are sheep hunting)
Sheep Hunt Hiking Boots - Mendel's (Canadian or Alaskan) from Cabela's or Lowa's (Sheep Hunter) from Schnee
Moose Hunt Boots - Schnee (Hunter II or the Extreme 10 or 13"), get an extra set of liners
1 Soft Gun Case (for flight into base camp from Whitehorse)
2 small bic lighters
Binoculars - Chris uses the Sworoski 10x42 ELs which are nice and light.  The old Zeiss 10x40 are good and half the money (if you can find them).  10x32 ELs are the best for light weight.
Lightweight Headlamp
Gloves with Removable Liners
Plastic Water Bottle (a 1L soda bottle works fine)
Warm Sleeping Bag - Sheep season rated to 30 deg F, Moose season rated to 0 deg F.
Thermal Pad/Inflatable Mattress (light weight, 3/4 length is sufficient)
Gaiters - Sheep Hunt Only
NEOS - River Trekker (Overshoe Wader) Some hunters like these for creek crossing, but might be too much extra weigh on a sheep hunt.  Handy on a moose hunt.
Trekking Poles - Sheep Hunt Only
Spork & Light Weight Mug
Ball Cap
Warm Hat - knitted hat
Rain Gear (Top & Bottoms, light weight) Swazi makes excellent rain gear, but it is pricey
Cotton Socks
Wool Socks - Moose hunts
Long Underwear (warm synthetic)
Fleece/Synthetic Shirt (dries quickly)
Fleece/Synthetic Pants (dries quickly)
Windproof Outerwear (Aug Hunts)
Wool/Warm Outerwear (Sept Hunts)
Ammo (3 Boxes)
Camera & Film (digital camera is best)
Pocket Knife (light weight)
Personal Items:
   - Shampoo (travel size)
   - Soap (travel size)
   - Deodorant (travel size)
   - Medication
   - Toothbrush/Toothpaste
   - Chap Stick
   - Sunscreen (travel size)
   - Small First Aid Kit
   - Aspirin
   - Rolaids
   - Moleskin (excellent for blisters)
   - Wet Wipes
   - Camp Towel (small and light weight) www.ultralighttowels.com
Optional: Spotting Scope, Range Finder, Satellite Phone (all of our guides carry a satellite phone, but it is only used for phoning basecamp and for emergencies.  If you require a phone to phone work or home then we can give you information to rent a phone in Whitehorse.
PASSPORT - Mandatory since January 2007
Snow Seal works well to help waterproof your hiking boots (waterproof your boots at your home)
Fleece/Synthetic Clothing is warm, lightweight and dries quickly.
Fishing Gear: We have fishing rods.  Bring some lures; yellow rubber jigs, spinners, spoons and small flies work well.
No Giant Duffle Bags, Suit Cases or Hard Gun Cases will be flown into camp.  These items will be stored at the hotel in Whitehorse.  You can leave your street clothes at the hotel storage in Whitehorse.  Be dressed in your hunting clothes the day you fly into base camp.  You can bring a change of clothes to leave at base camp.  Your gear going into camp may weigh no more then 65 lbs (weight includes rifle).  You will pack your camp gear into your backpack at the hotel in Whitehorse.  Put your name on any gear that you will be leaving at base camp while you are hunting.