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"Everyone knows BPO is the Best!!"
Scott Widdifield - AB
"Keep up the great work.  Keep killing old rams.  Awesome job everyone up here."
Dom Widdifield - AB
"Keep doing what you are doing."
Mark Grotski - AB
"Great food.  Great family."
Chad Lenz - AB
"Amazing Special Place."
Ashton Breitkreutz - ONT
"Great family.  Keep up the great work."
Dave Widdifield - AB
"My guide was extremely knowledgible."
Brady Bilsky - AB
My guide went above and beyond my expectations in all areas."
Patrick Horvath - AB
"Air charter was excellent."
Sheldon James - ONT
"Its as good as it can get."
Stanley Shewchuk - SK
"Lots of game, no shortage of mature animals."
Jeff Wall - AB
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