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"Big moose and Grizzlies in BIG Country.
Matt Ray - TX
"Best Sheep Hunt I have ever done!  Hunt of a Lifetime."
Ken Shot
"Extraordinary hunting.  Challenging and exciting.  Nothing like it."
Todd Welty - GA
"My guide was the best.  Will hunt with him again.  Worked to hard."
Jeff Price - TX
"Great time.  Great game management."
Jeremy Alderman - OR
"Guide was optimistic, hard hunter, good worker."
Chris Benette - OR
"Guide was awesome, tough, good attitude."
Scott Rowskowski - NJ
"Everything was awesome!  Hell of an adventure and really enjoyed every minute."
Cole Taylor - TN
"Guide was very experienced and in tune with hunter."
Steve Updegraff - FL
"We saw plenty of sheep."
Eric Seward - CA
"It was a great experience."
Troy Davila - AZ
"My guide was a pro."
Jared Behr - OR
"Could not ask for a better guide."
Robby Callaway - WV
"Great time.  My trip of a lifetime."
Chuck Coles - PA
"My hunt was very enjoyable adventure.  All was very well done.  Keep doing what you are doing."
Ed Receski - KY
"Excellent trophy moose."
Marc Myers - TX
"Air charter was excellent."
Ben Gates - TX
"One of the best Guides I have ever had, very tough."
Tracy Valdez - UT
"Great Adventure!  Gracias Amigo!"
Daniel Elizondo - Mexico
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