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"Area we hunted was loaded with game.  Guides were awesome, had a blast with them.  I am glad I only spent a little time at base camp or else I would have gained a bunch of weight, cooking was excellent.  No way to improve on this trip, everything was great, adventure of a lifetime."
Nick Saner - PA
"Keep doing what you do.  Best in the Dall business."
Ashley Woolstenhulme - UT
"Excellent area.  Saw lots of sheep, moose, caribou and a couple of grizzlies.  My guide was very knowledgeable, good personality and energetic."
Daniel Slavek - PA
"Perfect hunt!  Perfect experience!"
Kurt McDermott - AR
"Tremendous Opportunity - Game Plentiful"
Paul Taylor - TX
"Game was exceptionally large. Exceptional guide. Great Hunt."
Rob Stillwell - TX
"I did truly enjoy the entire experience, you guys do an amazing job of turning dreams into reality and the animals  my guide and I got are a testament to that."
Jim Herdering - MN
"Outstanding game quality! Camp was comfortable.  The food was outstanding.  Guide was outstanding!"
Dave Richards - UT
"Awesome hunt, trip of a Lifetime!"
Cole Taylor - TX
"It was a great hunt.  Don't think you could improve."
Larry Anthony - MS
"My guide was terrific. He was very professional and did everything possible to get a fantastic moose."
Dino Colombo - WV
"My guide was very personable, would hunt with him again anytime.  Great Hunt!"
Harry Leuenberger - Alberta
"Chris runs a very professional operation.  All of the people are very professional, competent, courteous, friendly, and helpful.  It couldn’t have been better.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bonnet Plume Outfitters or return on another trip with Bonnet Plume Outfitters."
John Colquitt
"Great guide. Great game. The best base camp cook.  Great Operation."
Nyle Swast - PA
"Nice healthy Rams. My guide was super friendly, very skilled, very organized and knowledgeable. Air Charter was great.  You've got it dialed in.  Thanks Again!"
Mike Harvey - Alberta
"First, I want to thank you for outfitting my terrific moose hunt.  You guys did a first class job and I was very pleased with how the hunt was managed.  Also, my guide did a terrific job as my guide.  Thank you again for all you did to make this a great hunt. "
Dino Colombo - WV
"Great Staff."
Tom Denniston - AR
"Hunting area has very good quality and quantity of animals.  My guide was very knowledgeable of the area with a keen ability to gauge age and quality of game."
Gary Raba - TX
"My guide has a great attitude and made it a memorable hunt."
Dave Van Belleghem - Alberta
"Very good Game.  Lots of moose."
Todd Weikert - PA
"Excellent Game. Seen heaps."
Matthew Summers - Tasmania
"Got a great Bull."
Tammy Chaudier - TX
"My guide did everything possible to get me a moose.  Knows how to run a boat too."
Val Kotter - UT
"Hunt was Perfect"
Scott Schindler - TX
"My guide went above and beyond, he's a fantastic guide and worked very hard to get me a ram."
Tyler Renaudin - TX
"My guide was extremely fit & prepared, very detailed and hard worker."
Dallas Cota - Alberta
Bobby Kuykendall - NM
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