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"I would like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to hunt at such a beautiful place in the world.  I had the best time of my life on this hunt."
Robert McClarren - MA
PaulTaylor - TX  CLICK HERE
"My guide was a pleasure to hunt and spend time with.  His attitude was always positive.  His ability as a guide and his care of the ram cape and meat after the kill was excellent"
Wayne Bowd - Alberta
"Saw lots of sheep.  Everything was excellent."
Curtis Ure - Alberta
"Great Guide.  Hope to hunt with him again next year."
Jeff Brant - WA
"Plenty of game and opportunity.  You are a terrific outfitter and do the best of all outfitters.  Thanks for the best time ever."
Wade Castleberry - AR
"We saw a ton of moose.  It was awesome getting to watch all of them before harvesting my bull."
Brandy Castleberry - AR
"Enjoyed my guides enthusiasm for not only the hunt but for the whole adventure."
Al Holland - FL
"I would love to come back and now go for a sheep."
Sam Greer - IA
"Outstanding Quality and Plentiful Game."
Paul Taylor - TX
"My guide was a very knowledgeable and competent young man."
Lewy Leathers - MT
"Keep doing the same great job Bonnet Plume Outfitters."
Gary Goscha - KS
Juan Fernandez - Mexico
"All staff was wonderful."
Jose Armario - IL
"My guide was A+"
Tony Hauck - ND
"Great cook."
Jason Devisser - Australia
"One of the best guides."
Bob Schriever - OR
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