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"Thanks for a great hunt and getting me up there and putting me on such a great sheep. Hope to get backup there with you again, you are wonderful people, have a great operation and great guides. Hope the rest of your season goes safe and produces as many memories of the hunt as mine did."
Tom Foss - Alberta
"Best trip of my lifetime and I would not change anything about it!!!
Charlie Walker - NC
"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you, for an exceptional hunt! Your camp is fabulous, the staff experience and knowledgeable, your territory is fantastic, food at main camp delicious, so really I had a great time, I haven't stop to see the photos over and over again! It has been the best and favorite hunt of my life.  So I just started to count the days for the next one, so hopefully I will see you next year in Alberta and 2014 in the Yukon"
Juan Fernanadez - Mexico
"Just wanted to send a note and say thanks again for the awesome Yukon adventure. I am thrilled with my sheep and had a great hunt. My guide did a great job - great young guide. Saw a lot of sheep and beautiful country."
Chad Pung - PA
When asked for any suggestions to make the hunt more enjoyable...hunter comment was "Wouldn't change a thing."
Mike McNeill - FL
"Hunt was out of this world."
Swampy McLean- FL
"This is a great concession that is very well managed by Bonnet Plume Outfitters."
Ray Eveland - WA
"You're all great.  I would highly recommend you."
David Williams - WA
"Excellent quality and quantity of moose."
Mike West - FL
"This was without a doubt the best hunting adventure I have ever experienced. I just wanted to say hello and thank you and everyone at BPO for such a great and wonderful time. Thank you for a true life experience."
Luis Cestino - FL
"Great amount of animals.  A great hunt and I look forward to coming back."
Michael Aho - SC
"We saw rams from the beginning to the end of my hunt.  My guide was not only a great guide, he was fine young man to share the total Yukon experience with." 
Bradford Clubb - PA
"I was given the opportunity to harvest exactly what I came for.  I thoroughly enjoyed my hunt."
Calvin McLaren - Alberta
"There were large numbers of sheep in all age groups to ensure good hunting for years to come.  Can't wait to come back up there!"
Mike Axelrad - TX
"Great Animals - Great Trophies.  Very pleased.  My guide was 1st class.  Has become a friend through guiding me several times."
Joe Conard - NC
"My guide was a very hard worker.  Great Job - You guys got it nailed."
Chris Dameron - FL
"Everything was Great."
Rob Richardson - FL
"My guide is One of The Best."
Larry Nelson - IA
"Great Hunt.  Base Camp cook was awesome."
Ross Trujillo - NM
"Hunt was great."
Tim Weidensaul - PA
"Awesome hunt.  Very professional."
John Miles - British Columbia
"Everything was excellent.  Thank you."
Frank Miles - British Columbia
"I got exactly what I came for.  The amenities at camp were over the top!  Felt a little spoiled."
Rachelle Hedrick - WV
"My guide was a good walker and knowledgeable about sheep behavior.  Had a great time."
Josh Hedrick - WV
"I think you have a fantastic operation.  Thank you and congratulations.  Very professional."
Juan Carlos - Mexico
"Saw lots of sheep - Awesome country.  My guide was phenomenal, ton of energy, great attitude, lots of knowledge."
Chad Pung - MI
"Excellent Healthy Sheep Population."
Rodrigo Lebrija - Mexico
"Excellent - Best Guide Ever."
Steve Vobach - TX
"Now that I have had time to reflect, the best words to describe the hunt is that Bonnet Plume Outfitters definitely went the extra mile to ensure that I had a great experience and the opportunity to harvest a nice Moose. I would like to return for a Sheep hunt."
Mike Snider - TX
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