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"I killed a bull of a lifetime and couldn't have been more pleased with the hunt.  My guide's optimistic attitude throughout the whole hunt kept me positive as well: all the way up to the final full day of hunting when we took our giant moose.  This hunt was everything I expected it to be and more.  Nothing short of exceptional.  If BPO guides for it, I will hunt with you guys.
Levi Madden - LA
"An outstanding experience.  Thank you so much for your kindness.  A dream come true for me.  Impressed by the number of sheep observed and by the quality of the rams."
Karl Albrecht - UT
"Probably the best run camp I have personally been in."
Jeff White - TX
"I would like to thank both of you for showing me such a great adventure. Although I have only been on a couple guided hunts yours undoubtedly was the best experience I have ever had. Thank you both again. All your guides are top shelf and the quality of the game in your area is unsurpassed."
Kevin Morgan - PA
"Area I hunted had a large number of mature rams.  Awesome guide, positive, would like to hunt with him again."
Bret Dolph - UT
"Thanks for all the fantastic cooking.-My waist has still no recovered.  Keep up the great service and fantastic attitudes and sense of humour.  You have an amazing place - wish it wasn't so far away."
Holts - NZ
"I had a great experience and an adventure I will remember forever.  Thank you for making it happen!  I had an awesome hunt!"
William Wolcott - NY
"Everything was top-notch!  Excellent experience!"
Amie Harris - Georgia
"Lots of sheep.  Guide was fun to hunt with/Lots of common sense/Very patient"
Tracy Valdez - UT
"Thank you for the quality wilderness experience."
Charles Wolcott - TX
"Great sheep population.  Future looks great."
Josh Sims - MT
"Keep on doing what your doing.  Excellent Experience."
Rolando Roti - ON
"Food was great!!  Welcoming hosts."
John Hunt -ON
"I've had opportunity to be in three sheep camps before.  All have been great experiences, but I am glad for BPO to be the most recent.  I'm afraid others would have been difficult time comparing favourably.  Very impressed by the quality of your guide staff.  Obviously they know game, mountain tactics, etc., but they also seem well road and broad based in many areas.  Making them interesting just to be around.  Game very plentiful - I was only in the field 4 days - still saw lots of game."
Bob Nelson - TX
"Lots of sheep.  Top Notch guide.  Great people.
Gordon Kelly - AB
"Everything was beyond my expectations.  Game was plentiful and excellent quality.  Couldn't ask for a better guide."
Michael Vercaigne - MB
"My guide was a great cook.  Could spot game very well and took good care of my game capes."
Phillip Jewett - TX
"Excellent hunting, food and adventure."
William Simmons - SC
"My guide was a very hard worker and wanted to make sure I got the animal I wanted.  He was the best guide I have ever had on any of my hunts."
Steve Beam - AR
"Lots of game.  Best camp staff I have ever hunted with."
Rod Blake - AR
"Camp cook could not have been more gracious or accommodating.  Charter company had good equipment and excellent pilot."
Roy Van Wyck - FL
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