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"Size of moose are awesome, getting into the wolves was totally exciting, caribou were beautiful.  You do an excellent job."
Scott Nordman - NM
"Wonderful Big Game Area, Lots and Lots of Excellent Animals."
Brandon Beaver - OK
"It was truly the hunt and adventure of a lifetime."
Ryan Bullock - TX
"Kudos to BPO.  Thanx Chris & Sharron You guys and Your employees are the Bomb!"
Andy McGuire - PA
"Dear Guys: I had an excellent time.  I do not know how to comment further.  This was my best trip ever."
David Madden - LA
"Awesome Game!  Lots of mature rams.  BPO is selective on what they harvest to maintain a good future."
Mike Horton - Alberta
"My guide was great.  I enjoyed his company and knowledge of area and hunting."
Steve Brodie - KS
"Hunting with you for 10 years.  Things are getting better every year."
"Tom Mattell - NJ
"You guys are Great!  I look forward to more hunts.  All the best!
Mark Morse - FL (unsuccessful hunter)
"Great numbers of game."
Jonas Guinn - Alberta
"Very high #s of sheep, high quality rams."
Layne Reusser - KS
"Game is amazing.  Once again thanx for the trip of a lifetime."
Andy McGuire - PA
"Best guide I've ever had in my life."
Brodie Dale - Alberta
"Awesome game quality, very good genetics, healthy sheep."
Bradley Dale - Alberta
"Great, great Food."
David Hogan - KS
"The guide is very experienced, tough and tried his very best to meet my high expectations."  Saw 40 rams, 70 yews and 70 lambs.
Manfred Holztrattner - Austria (unsuccessful hunter)
"Just a quick note to let you know again that I had a great time and a hunt I will remember for as long as I live!! I made some great new friends and can not wait to do it again!!!"
Michael Burger - Alberta
"Outstanding guide, great guy.  Food was fantastic."
Tamara Trail - TX
Saw 40 rams.
Nevin Jensen - UT
"Thank you folks VERY much for an experience of my life.  I sure had a blast!!!"
Dustin Gilbertson - NV
"Excellent Game Quality; Healthy Animals; Excellent Horn Quality."
Joe Conard -NC
"Excellent game quality and quantity.  Excellent guide; great guy to hunt with and great friend.  Knows his sheep and moose.  I am coming back next year for another sheep."
Steve Vobach - TX
"Camp staff was very professional and attentive."
Nick Gruijich - MD
"My guide was very experienced, smart hunter and easy going."
James Lee - TX
"My guide was a pleasure to hunt with!!! The food and environment at base camp was awesome.  Thanks for a fantastic time."
Denis Dale, Alberta
"Guide had great care of details, knowledge of animals we were hunting & trophy care."
Heath Nickes - TX
"Base camp cook was excellent."
Doug Kobewka - Alberta
"Guide had great knowledge of guiding."
David Beckwith - NY

"Hi Chris and Sharon,  Hope and pray you all are doing well.  I want to thank you very much for the best hunt I've ever had.  The beauty of the country and your professional services are quite a combination.  I enjoyed every aspect of my time in the Yukon.  I enjoyed the family atmosphere at base camp.  Hope to bring my son up your way in the future.  Thanx Again!  Larry"

Larry Bell - WV
"Nice Charter Fight."
Lenard Powell - FL
"Great guide & did a wonderful job of keeping up my moral & enthusiasm."
Gary Mark - FL
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