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"Saw excellent game in an environment that is remote and unspoiled."
Jim Brown - Pennsylvania
"Awesome game and health of game.  It's nice to see quality animals when hunting.  Thanks for caring the way you do about your hunters.  Trips like this can be risky and scary for a first time visitor.  It's nice to deal with people who honestly care about the whole experience.  Please have anyone call me that may be un-decided on whether to book with BPO."
Rick Verbsky - Minnesota
"Game was plentiful."
Mark Morse - Florida
"Great Hunt.  Beautiful Country.  Well run outfit."
Ryan Hoerauf - Texas
"All around true professional guide and great cook."
David White - Louisiana
"Game quality was excellent."
Toby Griffith - Montana
"My guide was very hard working and a very good cook."
Miguel Blasquez - Mexico
"Chris & Sharron have everything under control."
Phil Trace - British Columbia
"My guide had a very good attitude and was lots of fun."
Ike Rainey - Florida
"My guide was a great moose guide and never stops hunting.  Knows the country and the game."
Peter Schutt - Tennessee
"My guide was very good with people.  Great feed back and informative.  Fun to be with.  Safety was always a first concern."
Daryl Travis - Minnesota
"It's not because we have to,  it's because we want to.  Rain, snow, wind and cold, the elements of the Yukon.  At the end of the day, when the moose is down, and you have made a couple of new friends, that's what hunting the Yukon is all about.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Strength and honor"
Mike Campbell - California
"A great guide and a better person and friend."
Charley Paler - Minnesota
"My guide was great.  I would hunt with him anytime."
Mark Samsill - Texas
"A first class operation."
Jeff Robideau - Michigan
"You guys are wonderful."
Steve Cushman - Maine
"Great hunt, you got it goin' on."
Jeff Lester - Arizona
"14 legal rams."
Garth Carter - Utah
"Saw lots of game.  Excellent rams."
Chuck Sharp - Arizona
"Every hunter enjoys an outfitter that works hard and goes out of their way to make it a good hunt."
Chad Sharp - Arizona
"We saw plenty of sheep with good quality."
John Holbrook - Arizona
"Everything was excellent."
Jerry Rains - Colorado
"My guide had lots of experience and was uncanny in his ability to predict the movements of the rams."
Gerry Hellebusch - Missouri
"You run an excellent camp and outfit."
Zach Ehlers - Texas
"Loved it!"
Tamara Trail - Texas
"You do one of the most professional jobs of any outfitter I hunt with.  I have found an honest outfitter who cares about his client!"
Walt Mott - Indiana
"Excellent potential to harvest great animals."
Chad Kresge - Pennsylvania
"My guide was a pleasure to be with."
Ken Weber - Saskatchewan
"Very nice place to hunt."
Brian Dobson - Alberta
"Great guide, would hunt with him anytime."
Jeremy Manning - Alberta
"It was a pleasure hunting with my guide, he knows hunting sheep, and is a dedicated enthusiastic hunter himself."
Robert Flemming - Indiana
"Had a great time.  Would love to do it again."
Mathew Landis - Pennsylvania
"We were able to get everything I was after."
Kevin Landis - Pennsylvania
"Great guide - would hunt anytime with him.  Considerate of my speed limitation/age, and was great company in camp."
Scott Haswell - Indiana
"You have an excellent outfit."
Dave Both - Illinois
"If there was a star rating system, or testimonial that I could give, you would be a five star operation in my book!"
Tricia Both - Illinois
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